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Italy is in my heart. Italy is where my roots are.

I am one of millions of fellow Italians who were forced to leave Italy and face the difficult challenge of integrating into a new society. For over fifty years, I have been a part of the “Italian community” in North America.

I have decided to run for office because I feel a deep desire to serve us and our families. For far too long, the Italian government has chosen not to care about our interests and solve our problems.

It’s difficult to represent the needs and aspirations of the Italian community in North America if you haven’t been a part of this reality and haven’t experienced it personally. Collectively, we know our experiences on this land, our sacrifices, our challenges and opportunities.

We cannot accept a status quo that has left us completely alienated and removed from the decision-making process.

The Italian community in North America wants a fair and equal treatment. We will fight to assert and defend our rights on various issues: health care, pensions, taxes, better consular services, and reacquiring citizenship.

I am running for office and asking for your support because I firmly believe that we must bring the Italian government closer to our people and, together, forge a special alliance between fellow nationals abroad and Italians in Italy. A new agreement that will further support the spreading of our language and our culture.

My values and principles are very clear: I believe in the individual, the family, business, development, efficiency, innovation, tolerance and solidarity. I believe in a political system that can ensure opportunities for all citizens, especially women and young people, and a profound respect for our retired people.

In Canada, the land where I learned my profession, in the span of many years of hard work, I was given the opportunity to become a businessman and create thousands of jobs. Now, in order to seriously move forward with a new life choice, I will be forced to sacrifice my role in the company I founded and put my experience and my commitment at the service of a mission I believe in sincerely and resolutely.

Like you, I want a new political system based on the values of optimism, faith and hope.

I am far from the political structure that favors personal interests and I’m running in order to eliminate the indifference that has run rampant for years, to the detriment of Italians in North America. A battle I will face next to Fratelli d’Italia and as part of a loyal and faithful alliance with all the center-right forces.

We need your vote and, together, we can bring about the change that we all desire.

Mario Cortellucci

Mario Cortellucci resides in Toronto.

An Abruzzese, he was born in Teramo and emigrated to Canada in 1952. He is President of the Cortellucci Group of Companies Inc., which includes various construction businesses. He is considered one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Canada. He has won several awards and recognitions for his work and for his philanthropic initiatives in Canada, Italy and various other parts of the world. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the reconstruction of Abruzzo and Lazio after their devastating earthquakes. He has financed the shipment of medicines to hospitals in Nicaragua and Western Africa in order to fight various epidemics. For years he was a member of the Board of Directors of the York Region Police.

He has received several awards of merit from the Italian and Canadian governments (Order of Ontario, Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana, Queen’s Golden Jubilee, 150th Commemorative Medal of Canada and The Order of Vaughan). He was elected Grand Priory of Canada of the Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta. He is the founder and an executive of the multi-award winning Downsview Soccer Club. He is married to Ginesia Bussoli, with whom he has four children.

1. Promoting the national identity. Italy and Italians first, wherever they live!

2. Right to citizenship for all those who were born in Italy from Italian parents, as well as their children.

3. Promoting Italian language and culture abroad. Reinforcing bilateral relations between universities and increasing scholarships.

4. Reinforcing the Italian consular network in order to streamline it and improve services for citizens.

5. Promoting the Made in Italy, facilitating and increasing commercial exchanges, research and innovation with Italy.

6. Free health care in Italy for all our fellow nationals, wherever they may reside. Same rights and responsibilities as Italians when it comes to taxes on the first home. Abolishing the IMU tax.

7. Adjusting Italian pensions in relation to the cost of living for immigrants abroad.

8. Enhancing cultural networks and media outlets that cater to our fellow nationals abroad.

9. Promoting bilateral agreements in order to expedite emigration procedures for young Italians in North America.

10. Promoting air travel to and from Italy


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